Donnerstag, 27.04.2017


Die Russen kommen... (Ohja, schlechter Joke).

Hier beginnt gerade die Russetid. Eine Zeit in der die norwegischen Abiturienten ihren Abschluss feiern. Dazu gehören diese eleganten roten Hosen, viele Partys und die große Parade am Nationalfeiertag. 

Einer unserer Buddys hat sich die Mühe gemacht und uns eine Erklärung geschickt:

Hey people!

Would like to inform all you guys about what is happening right now, not only in Lillehammer, but in the entirety of Norway. From now (starts a bit earlier, but is supposed to start 1st of May) until the 17th of May, the students in the last year of high school will be celebrating their last year of mandatory school, as they will be graduating early June. In that regard, all the students will be celebrating something that is called 'Russefeiring'.

17th of May is Norways national day, and celebrates our release from Denmark in 1814 when we got our constitution. And this is where 'Russefeiring' comes from.
'Russefeiring' is a funny and somewhat odd tradition, but this is basically what it is;

All students are either together in vans or buses, and drink and party everyday (or close to it) from now until the 17th of May. They wear colored pants. Usually red, but black and blue is also common. They drive around town and play loud music on their excessively expensive speakers. In this period of time there will also be "russetreff" which is meeting points for the 'Russ' (title for the students in this period of time). It can be from 1-3 days. One of these meets will be on the 5th of May here at Lillehammer, which I am certain all of you will notice. I certainly will, as it is right by where I live (geez). These days contain drinking, music, and other "fun" activities.

'Russefeiring' is for many students, one of the main "happenings" and is something students look foward to, often from the first year of high school until their last. Many 'Russ' spend LOADS of money on their van/bus and on their theme. They also have their own names on their van/bus and often get producers to make a song for them (usually dirty house/electro songs) to play on their sound systems. This is usually also very expensive. Oh yeah, and they can win awards, for example for best name, best song, best sound system etc.

They also have their own "russekort = russecard" which is a funny card that all kids love to get and collect.

Russefeiring is a period of time that contains partying, drinking, sleepless nights, fun, sexual activities and other things. It can however be negative for some, as not everyone is on a bus/van, and it is often about status (who has the best this/that, and who has the most money, can be excluding for students that are not 'cool enough'). Since Russefeiring has excessive use of alcohol - there are often stories every year about fighting, accidents, drugs and unfortunate sexual abuse etc.

All in all it is supposed to be fun. On the 17th of may they have a parade which is usually cool to watch, as it is all the Russ, supertired walking drunk through town.

Thought it would be cool for you guys to know, as you will be observing big red vans/buses and people in red slacks in the time that comes. Now you know!

- Schti


Solch eine Russeparty habe ich mir dann auch direkt persönlich angeschaut. Ich wurde von einem norwegischen Kumpel eingeladen, der vergangenes Semester in Berlin an meiner Uni studiert hat. Und so kam ich in den Genuss mitten in der norwegischen Kultur zu leben: